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Future Website Plans

Hey there!

If you have read my previous news entry here, you should probably know what’s going on. The short story is that, due to technical problems, I was recently forced to overhaul and clean up my website a bit. I’m not completely done with that yet (still planning to switch to a different theme and clean up some of the outdated pages).

Anyways, all of this got me thinking. Isn’t it kind of a waste that, right now, all I’m really using this website for is the occasional news post every one or two years and a download archive for some of my old (partially obsolete) stuff? Yes, it is. So with that, how about I actually use this website more, now that I’ve gotten rid of multi-language content and made it easier to use?

With that, I got the idea to actually use this website more like a blog by posting news entries more regularly. Some of the topics I am thinking about:

  • Video games in general
  • Video game development (both from a hobby and a professional/job perspective)
  • Programming in general
  • Hobby projects
  • Real life stuff (only when considered interesting enough by me)
  • Probably more

For the near future, one of the things I’m planning is to actually write a lengthy and detailed blog post about my experiences with the development of Darksiders Warmastered Edition. Not only do I consider it a potentially interesting read for other people, but it’ll also be fun for myself to look back in a few years and remember everything that’s happened during the development of some of my past projects. In that sense, you could see these blog posts as some kind of historical preservation for myself.

So if any of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check back here occasionally so you don’t miss anything.

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