*Some Dust off the Surface Blow*

*One Eternity Later*

WOW, it really has been an eternity, hasn’t it? As you may have noticed, it’s been quite a while since my last activity on this website. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, I rarely have time to work on private stuff nowadays, and when I do, I usually lack the motivation to do something with this website. Usually I’m lazy, but even when I’m not lazy, I prefer to invest my time into programming. Secondly, I’m not really happy with this website’s design anymore. Mostly with the fact that it’s so outdated and static. I’d prefer a more dynamic website, making full use of the potential of modern browsers. At the very least, the website should resize itself depending on monitor size. For this, I may have to use someone else’s WordPress theme as the tools I know lack the functionality to export themes with that capability (and I certainly lack the experience, time and motivation to design a theme from scratch myself). So basically, I want to redo this whole website, but don’t have the time and motivation to do so right now. Thirdly, maintaining website content in multiple languages is really time-consuming, especially when you want all your content to fulfil certain quality criterias. For this reason, I may very well drop multi-language support alltogether. After all, I expect every person visiting this website to have at least a basic understanding of the English language, which is everything needed to understand the content on this website. Multi-language plugins for WordPress are pretty nasty to work with, anyways.

To get an idea of what kind of website dynamics I’m going for, you can check out my Portfolio page here (or by clicking on “My Portfolio” in the navigation bar). That website is also more regularly updated, so you may get a rough idea of what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ll let you know when I make progress with this website.

Amazing Tetris Released

Well, yeah. Guess this time I was actually a lot faster than I thought I would be.
Download page


ZED Released

Yeah, it took forever and at this point you probably didn’t even expect it to happen anymore, but the past week I actually took the time to polish my first Games Academy project ZED and put it on my website.
Grab it here!

Now the only thing that still remains is Amazing Tetris. Let’s see when I will get to that…

Looking for Musicians

My first own game, Amazing Tetris, is nearing completion and I am now looking for musicians.


Amazing Tetris is a regular Tetris clone with a few gimmicks programmed in Pascal using Allegro.pas. It was our Computer Science team project 2012 at school; now I’m reprogramming my team mates’ parts and also improving a few things for the sake of being able to call the game “my own” and to host it on my site. It is mostly compliant with the official Tetris guidelines and therefore in the current version feels a lot like Tetris DS. There is, however, still one important thing left: The music.

Currently Amazing Tetris uses the music and sound effects of Tetris on Game Boy as a placeholder. Since I want to avoid potential copyright issues I’ll have to replace those resources before releasing the game. Free legal sound effects are pretty easy to find on the internet, but that’s not the case with music. Therefore I’m looking for a musician to help me out with the game’s music. What I need are mostly a few tunes for the menu as well as some gameplay music, including a Remix of Korobeinki. If you are a good musician and interested in helping out or if you know another good musician please contact me.

Website Moved

This website recently moved from bplaced to http://rpg-hacker.smwhacking.de/. The bplaced servers kept on bugging me. Since I bought some webspace, anyways, I’m just using it for my personal website as well.

And now to http://www.rpg-hacker.de/.

Website Updated

I’ve just updated this website. I cleaned and completed all of the pages and also added new ones. Enjoy!

In other news, I recently started programming in C++ since Pascal is outdated and it’s hard to find any useful libraries for it that are still maintained. Porting my project from Pascal to C++ could take quite a while, though.

Now with a new theme and updated software.

My Artworks

I can’t really call myself an artist, but being forced to take art lessons for at least one year in 12th grade I actually painted a few pictures. Considering how much I dislike art, I think they’ve actually turned out pretty well.

Time Travel
This one is about time travelling. I bet you recognise that space ship, eh?

Eternal Moonwalk
This one is about Michael Jackson. The term “Moonwalk” was taken quite literal here. Instead of Michael Jackson I drew myself, as that was the task for this picture.

Anyways, I’m glad I’m done with art now. Forever!

Here is my final picture for art lessons (for real this time). First the template:

Dog Pic Template

Now the actual picture:

Dog Pic


New Programming Project

So I’ve started yet another programming project. This time it’s a collaboration project with the SMW Hacking Forum. I won’t reveal too much here for now.

Since I want to apply at Games Academy next year I really have to get done with something soon.

New Website

As you can see I completely redesigned my website using WordPress and Artisteer. This makes it look a lot more professional. Also, it’s a lot easier to maintain this way. Right now a lot of content is still missing, which I’ll put up later. The downloads are already available, though.